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We would like to take you to a journey, to dive into presence. Awakening the fire in your heart, burning away everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. When you burn that stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore, there’s only stillness. This inner place, is such an amzing space to be. A place beyond our imagination. Welcome! ♥ Read more here

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March 7 & 8
Diving and meeting: This weekend we are diving deep into ourselves. And from that depth we are (really) gonna meet others. Moving through emotions and other layers you can be yourself in presence of people around you.

April 4 & 5
Power, playful and wild: By embracing our power, and playing with it we are finding playfulness and wildness in ourselves and with eachother. Grrrrr, feel your life energy fully and allow yourself to be wild. Don't hold back but own your tremendous power! Really live it and express it totally. So you can play with this energy!

April 18 & 19
Polarity: We are going to discover more about the polarities/extremes inside ourselves. In a more widened field we really meet several aspects of ourselves and get more understanding and insights. This theme could be very fascinating and insightful.

May 30 & 31
Intimacy: By being fully present with your partner and allowing him/her to melt beyond defenses, so-called walls or armor, you get into the place where you can meet each other. Allow to be and stay in your truth of that moment can be very intimate. Sometimes intimacy can give you the feeling of being naked, transparant, or even dissolved of your personality.

june 13 & 14
Love rituals (with cacao): One of the highlights will be this weekend filled with love rituals. Without love making, you and your partner are stepping into a big journey, namely a love ritual that consists of several stages. To assist and help to open the heart we are going to drink a very powerful, pure cacao from Guatemala. What we exactly are going to do is another surprise, but.... we are very enthusiastic about this ritual. There is space for meditation, love, freedom, truth, respect, breath, awareness and so on and so on...

1750 euros per person (including VAT / BTW) for 5 weekends full of magic
1500 euros per person for 4 weekends
1200 euros per person for 3 weekends

We would like to welcome you ♥ Reservations: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. or my contact form

Yourie Castricum:
I like to help people to live their highest Self. I do this with techniques from Shamanism and Tantra. In addition, I bring people to a higher vibration through my music (including handpan, drum, guitar, flute and mouth harp). The healing aspects of sound have become increasingly important to me and it feels like a 'calling' to share this.
I look forward to seeing you in one of the ceremonies or workshops. If you are curious about my music, go to

Mona van Weerdenburg:
After many wanderings in and around the world (eg India) I landed in myself and in the moment. Everything is already in myself & here and now. Ao because I came into contact with so-called heavy diseases', a lot has become clear to me. What is it REALLY about? That I am (fully present). To live life fully and to really celebrate. Tantra is life itself. I love it! My mission is to wake people up from the dream, from the illusion and to bring them back to life.



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